© katya ev (ekaterina vasilyeva), 2017

    all rights reserved

Axe de Révolution. Persistance*, 2017


ed. of 34 664+1AP**

courtesy of the artists (Katya Ev & Hanna Zubkova)


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Axe de Révolution. Persistence is an object that «contains, preserves and presents» the performance Axe de Révolution, realized in Moscow in August 2014 - an email. The e-mail contains its manifesto, its protocole, video extracts and the research part organised in the system of hyperlinks. This representation mode allows to organize the information about this ephemeral and singular gesture that only gains its emotional intensity and meaning in relation to its specific context. The logic of surfing and that of the open-ended research correspond to the logic of the performance as a semantic entity, while 2-ended and communicative container such as an e-mail, links to physical aspect of the performance, that of metal bar being a communication channel between human two bodies.



* term 'persistence' ('persistance' in french) refers to a mechanism responsible for data 

   backup and restoration (in programming).


** the number of editions = diameter of the city of Moscow in meters, perimeter of the                   Moscow Orbital Highway / π. While the real track from the very North point of Moscow to       the very South point walked during the performance Axe de Révolution is 45 kilometers, the       vertical line crossing Moscow as if it was an abstract circle would be 34 664 meters.