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Axe de Révolution. Persistance*, 2017


ed. of 34 664+1AP**

courtesy of the artists (Katya Ev & Hanna Zubkova)


ENG    //     FR

Axe de Révolution. Persistence - an email - is the formal modality for conservation and presentation of  Axe de Révolution, realised in Moscow in August 2014, "one-shot" site- and time-specific performance that can never be re-activated as such and only gains its intensity in relation to the elements of city-planning, social, political and cultural context of a specific moment of Russian modern history.
It is a communicative container  - term 'persistence' refers to a mechanism responsible for data backup and restoration (in programming). Organised in the system of hyperlinks it allows 
to give the information about this 'evenement' along with the logic of the performance itself as a semantic entity, through surfing and that of the open-ended research, while its 2-ended character (a sender and a receiver) corresponds to physical aspect of the performance that links human two bodies.

The e-mail contains its manifesto, its protocole, video extracts and the research part organised in the system of hyperlinks.

While the real walking distance of the performance is 45km (45 000 m), the number of editions of the e-mail - 34 664 - corresponds to the number of meters as if it would be a abstract vertical line that cross the city of Moscow from the very North point of Moscow to the very South point, and the price of each edition would be equal to its number.


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