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Ekaterina Vasilyeva (Moscow, 1983)

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Ekaterina Vasilyeva (1983, Moscou, vit et travaille à Paris) conçoit des performances et interventions polymorphes. Saisissant toujours le genius loci d’où elle intervient, elle trace des déplacements autant physiques que symboliques dans des espaces chargés en signification politique comme les rues de Moscou (Axe de révolution, 2014), celles de Paris (Augenmusik, 2016), l’église Sainte Eustache (Voix humaine, 2015) ou encore l'ancienne base miliaire de l’OTAN en Norvège (Nothing will grow togather, 2015).

Performances ans Site-specific Projects

2018, To Hear With Eyes, performance, Palais de Tokyo, Paris

2016, Augenmusik, site-specific group performance, Paris, France, curated by Azad Asifivich

2015, To Paul To Matthew To Philip, site-specific performance, former NATO military base Olavsvern, Tromso, Norway (group show "Nothing Will Grow Together Because Nothing Belongs Together" by Kurant Gallery) 

2015, Human Voice. Translations, site-specific virtual performance, Church Saint-Eustache, Paris (performance program "La Voix Humaine" by Ekaterina Shcherbakova)
2014, Axe De Révolution, site-specific performance, Moscow, Russia

2014, Feuilles Mortes. Briquette, the Moscow State Architectural and Natural Landscape Museum Kolomenskoe, Moscow, Russia

Solo Shows


2016, Iceberg - 18010813. Blue Room, Blind Spot, curated by Ivan Isaev

2016, Human Voice. Replayed, ISSMAG Gallery, Moscow, curated by Sasha Burenkov
2016, Axe de Révolution, Galerie Nivet - Carzon, Paris, curated by Azad Asifivich

2014, Piece For Resistance. Other's Dialogue On Revolution, Gallery Elektrozavod, Moscow, Russia

2012, Vie–Ville–Vue, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, Paris (graduate show)

2011, Mindmap, La Malterie Art Center, Lille, France
2010, Tracer, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris

2010, Luminescences, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris.


Group Shows

2018, Make It Yourself, Centre Culturel Douta Seck, Dakar, Sénégal, curated by Yves Chatap & Pascale Obolo

2018, DO DISTURB, Palais de Tokyo, curated by Vittoria Matarrese

2018, I Am Not A Robot, ElectroMuseum, Moscow, Russia, curated by Olga Deryugina 

2017, Persistent in changing nothing: revolution by political profanes, Galerie Mansart (Paris) in collaboration w / Galerie Iragui (Moscow)

2017, The pros and cons of hitch hiking, Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Arts - parallel program, Thessaloniki, Grece

2017, Tinto. Without Tinto, Flash Expo Project, Brussels, Belgium

2017, Correspondances / Vasistas/ Le regard à travers la fenêtre/ Il se passe quelque chose entre nous, curated by Azad Asifovich & Dasha Akimava

2016, YIA Art Fair, Le Carreau du Temple, Paris

2016, The End of the World, Centro Pecci, Prato, Italy, curated by Fabio Cavalucci

2016, La Nuit Blanche 2016, Le Viaduc des Arts, Paris

2016, Traduire c'est trahir, Galerie Nivet-Carzon, Paris, curated Sasha Pevak

2016, Psycho, Art Center Fabrika, Moscow / Moscow Young Biennale of Contemporary Art, Special Project, curated by Ilmira Bolotyan

2016, Là où nous sommes. Regards d’artistes sur l’anthropocène, espace Jussieu, Paris, curated by Collectif Marcel
2015, - 8/+2, Mansart Gallery, Paris, curated by Azad Asifovich

2015, Performania Festival, Berlin, Germany
2015, Metageography, National Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow / 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Special Project
2015, Leaving Tomorrow, Art Center Winzavod, Moscow / 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Special Project, curated by Ivan Isaev
2015, Nothing Will Grow Together Because Nothing Belongs Together, former NATO military base Olavsvern, Tromso, Norway / by Kurant Gallery

2015, Stranger Than Paradise, Curry Vavrart - CP5, Paris, curated by Ekaterina Shcherbakova
2015, Bomb, Center « Krasny », Moscow, curated by Borya Kluchnikov

2014, Plant-it, Mansart Gallery, Paris, curated by Azad Asivoch
2014, Comfort Moderne, Clovis XV, Brussels, Belgium
2014, Heat-exchange, Art Resedency “Gouslitsa”, Moscow Region, Russia / Moscow Young Biennale of Contemporary Art, Special Project

2014, Beauty of disgraceful, Art Center Belyaevo, Moscow, curated by Andrey Erofeev
2009, Roomscape, Espace Electra, Fondation EDF, Paris, curated by Laurent Le Bon and Jean-Marc Bustamante.


2015, Gallery Kurant ( former NATO military base Olavsvern), Tromso, Norway
2014, Gallery Elektrozavod, Moscow, Russia
2012, Le Lavoir Moderne Parisien, Paris, France
2011, Art Center La Malterie, Lille, France


Talks & Screenings

2016, La Colonie, Paris, video screening of the film «Axe de Révolution»

2016, University of Humanities, Moscou, curators work-shop - artist talk

2015, Cité des Arts, Paris, artist talk and video screening in the framework of "The Voyarist" project

2014, Winzavod Art Center, Moscow, artist talk, invitation by Ivan Isaev

2014, Na Kashyrke Art Center, Moscow, interactive master classes, curated by Andrei Erofeev

2014, Gallery Elektrozavod, Moscow, artist talk, in the framework of the residency program

2012, Lavoir Moderne Parisien, Paris, video screening, in the framework of "La Nuit Blanche - Programme Off"

2011, La Malterie Art Center, Lille, France, artist talk, in the framework of the residency program



2018, Moscow Art Magazine #104 : Time Of History

2016, cat. The End Of The World, Prato, Italy

2015, cat. Là où nous sommes. Regards d’artistes sur l’anthropocène, Paris

2015, cat. Metageography, National Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

2015, cat. Leaving Tomorrow, Art Center Winzavod, Moscow

2015, cat. Gallery Elektrozavod, Moscow

2014, cat. Beauty of disgraceful, Art Center Belyaevo, Moscow

On-line Publications

2018, Ida Simon, Do Disturb Au Palais De Tokyo – Notre Sélection Du Festival, Manifesto XI (french)

2017, Donna Haraway, Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Plantatiocene, Ctouloucene : creating a tribe, Moscow Art Magazine online (in Russian)

2016, Christian Gattinoni, "Human scale and commitments in images for YIA", online magazine (in French)

2016, Maria Sokolovskaïa, « Revolutionnary » performance by Ekaterina Vasilyeva », Russia Beyond Headline (in French)

2016, Aurore Leloy, radio broadcast «Utopic Crossings » sur la radio HÔTEL PARADOXE , La Radio Libértaire (in French)

2016, Performance "Augenmusik" in the online magazine Paris Art (in French)

2016, Anne-Sophie Furic, "Here We Are. Group Show by the Marcel association", online magazine Manifesto XXI (in French)

2016, Sergey Guskov, "Russian on Foot. Art of Wandering", newspaper Kommersant, Moscow (in Russian)

2015, Pavel Borisov, «Zeitgeist» (Spirit of Time), online magazine Kunstforum (in English)

2015, "Art and The Cold War", daily newspaper Dagbladet, Norway (in Norwegian)

2015, "Submarines and Mermaids", art online magazine Kunstkritikk (in Norwegian)

2015, "Cold War inside of the mountain", newspaper Klassekamp, Norway (in Norwegian)

2015, Ilmira Bolotyan,"What has been said and what has not been said as an answer" , art online magazine AroundArt (in Russian)

2014, Alexandra Guzeva, "Russian women carry giant tube across Moscow in revolutionary art stunt", Russia Beyond Headlines (in English)

2014, Alexander Pevak, «Russian Artists abroad», online platform Theory and Practice (in Russian)

2014, Sergey Guskov, «Personal Efforts. The Most Interesting Artworks of This Summer», online Art magazine (in Russian)

2014, Julia Dudkina, "They made the world axis out of the construction tube", daily newspaper METRO, Moscow (in Russian)

2014, Olga Kabanova, «They cross Moscow with a tube for the art sake», daily newspaper Vedomosti, Moscow (in Russian)

2014, "Unususal performance takes place in Moscow", national radio Echo Moskvi (in Russian)

2014, Andrey Levkin, "Moscow political actionism turns inside", online magazine Art Territory (in Russian)

2014, Sergey Guskov, «Ekaterina Vasilyeva and Hanna Zubkova.Performance après performance», art online magazine Aroundart (in Russian)

2014, Moscow 24 - TV broadcasting about the show "Beauty of disgraceful" (in Russian)


2015, Nominated for Kandinsky Prize (Young Generation)

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