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Ne rien faire contre rémunération 


performance & intervention in public space

produced with support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

exhibition Entretenir vaut mieux, New Space, Liege (Be) - duo show with Marc Buchy

curated by Dorothée Duvivier

Images by the Maxence Dedry

Ne rien faire contre rémunération [Doing nothing for payment] is a new context-specific version of the performance Visitors of an Exhibition Space are Suggested to 'Do Nothing' (2021).

The artist suggested to the public to sit in large comfortable chair and be paid for 'doing nothing' the local hourly minimum wage. Visitors first sign a contract that provides a legal frame to their commitment to ‘do nothing’. After ‘doing nothing’ they receive a proof of payment. All applicable taxes and social contributions are paid according to local laws and regulations.


The original idea of paying people for ‘doing nothing’ was born from a discussion with Azad Asifovich, Azerbadjan-born, Paris- based ‘curator-at-large’, in the beginning of March 2020. It was conceived as a reaction to the pervading pressure for extensive overproduction and efficiency in the art-world and beyond. The exceptional circumstances that followed with the general lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic made an uncanny echo to this project.


The contract was drafted together with legal expert Julie Van Elslande and cultural worker Jesse Van Winden within the framework of the research on ecologies of artistic practice entitled Caveat and conducted by the Brussels-based platform Jubilee.

                          conceptual prism

                          how to understand 'doing nothing'

                          display campaign in public space "for rent"

Images by the artist

___________ (RIEN)
excerpt from the personal dairy of Louis XVI, July 14, 1789

paint on wall, 18 x 56 cm

"Among all the words already painted in red on the walls of New Space MISE AU POINT [focus], FREINS [brakes], PREVENIR [prevention] C'EST [is] GOUVERNER [gouvernance]...), I slipped the word RIEN [nothing].Painted with an old patina. it disrupts the sentence "prevention is gouvernance'. This intervention is a historical reference. "RIEN [nothing]" is the sentence that Louis XVI wrote in his diary on 14 July 1789, the day the Bastille was taken...(!). I draw a poignant echo to the current situation of doing or not doing anything in wartime.... " 1



1 - interview by Pascale Viscardy, 'Entretenir vaut mieux', Flux News #88 (Be), 2022 

Ne rien faire contre rémunération 

KatyaEv_Visitors_4_©LaureCottinStefanelli_Manuel Wetscher.jpg
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artist's edition:


Contract 'Doing nothing' for payment


legal agreement

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