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Ne rien faire contre rémunération 


performance & intervention in public space

produced with support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

exhibition Entretenir vaut mieux, New Space, Liege (Be) - duo show with Marc Buchy

curated by Dorothée Duvivier

Display campaign in public space

Ne rien faire contre rémunération. 0487.412.403

images 1 & 2 : Art au Centre #8, 

                        window display, 47 rue de l'Université, Liège (Be)

                        vinyl, 90 x 120 cm

images 4 - 6 :  multiple interventions in public space, Liège (Be)

                        vinyl, A6                   

images 7,8 :   multiple interventions in public space, Liège (Be)

                       print on paper, A4   

Images by Art au Centre, Aurélie Frankenne

"To spread the invitation to the performance. I conceived a poster by taking up the graphic design of the typical Belgian orange-black posters "for rent". [...] We also disseminated black & white ads and stickers as widely as possible in the city.  As a result, many people outside of the art world came to 'do nothing'." 1

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artist's edition:


Contract 'Doing nothing' for payment


legal agreement

second version of the performance:


Ne rien faire contre rémunération

New Space, Liege (Be)





Nothing /Doing_Axelle Peduzi


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