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Print Publications



Conversation with Katya Ev, Kobe Matthys (Agency) and Lotte Bode (MHKA), L'internationale, 2023

The Fair Kin Arts Almanach, ​SOTA (Be)


cat. Statecrafts (and beyond), National Museum of Contemporary Art - EMST, Athens, curated by Katerina Gregos, 2022

HART Magazine n°223 (Be), Colette Dubois, 'Entretenir vaut mieux, Marc Buchy and Katya Ev'

Flux News #88 (BE), Pascale Viscardy, 'Entretenir vaut mieux'

Conversation with Cassandre Langlois, exhibition 'Tout dans le cabinet mental', Le Credac, Ivry (Fr)

artist's edition - Contract for 'Doing Nothing'

cat. Art au Centre #8, Liège (Be)


TIM Magazine #2 (BE), artist's contribution

TIM Magazine #2 (BE), Steyn Bergs, 'Nothing/ Doing' 

L'Art Même #84 (BE), Claire Contamine, Ne Rien Faire, Tout Gagner

Zonder kunstenaars geen kunst boek, publication by NICC (BE) 

In a Long Blink of an Eye, critical volume and collection of artists’ books, HISK, Ghent, Belgium

'Printed on Arena Fedrigoni Ivory Natural White Extra White', artist book, ed. 500, collection of artists' books, HISK, Ghent Belgium


Kunstmagazine (BE), artist's contribution 

Flux News Magazine #81 (BE), Pristine Geed, “One Must Dare To Say That Hysteria Is A Caricature Of A Work Of Art”

Cat. From Scratch to Scratch, exh. by KASK Curatorial Studies (BE), John C. Welshman, 'En Garde'


Knack Magazine (BE), Jan Braet, "Over my (dead) body"

Tactics Of Streets, Strategies Of A City, Political Art In The Epoque Of Conservative Turn, Moscow (RU), Pavlo Mitenko


Moscow Art Magazine #104 : Time Of History (RU)


cat. The End Of The World, Prato, Italy, Katia Krupennikova, 'Axe de Révolution'

Kommersant magazine N°13, April 23, 2016, Moscow, Sergey Guskov, «Russian on Foot»


cat. Là où nous sommes. Regards d’artistes sur l’anthropocène, Paris

cat. Metageography, National Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

cat. Leaving Tomorrow, Art Center Winzavod, Moscow

cat. Gallery Elektrozavod, Moscow

Meninger newspaper, Norway, «Kunst og Kalt Krieg»


«Metro» daily newspaper, August 12, 2014, «A Bar transformed into the world axis»

«Vedomosti» daily newspaper, August 12, 2014, «They cross Moscow with a tube for the art sake»

cat. Beauty of disgraceful, Art Center Belyaevo, Moscow

On-line Publications


Conversation with Katya Ev, Kobe Matthys (Agency), and Lotte Bode (MHKA), L'internationale, 2022


Athens Voice (Gr), Lawrence Abu Hamdan, The 5 new exhibitions "running" at EMST

Stir World, Dilpreet Bhullar, 'The exhibition 'Statecraft (and beyond)' presents alternative models of statehood'

HART Magazine n°223 (Be), Colette Dubois, 'Entretenir vaut mieux, Marc Buchy and Katya Ev'

Flux News #88 (BE), Pascale Viscardy, 'Entretenir vaut mieux'


Round Table at Garage Museum, Moscow, exhibition 'Fifth Wave' (RU)

Hendrik Wittock, Art divinatoire ou art tout court : le tarot revisité par 78 artistes belges, VICE (FR)

Rutger Lievens, Performancekunst met blauw zwaailicht vraagt aandacht voor zwaar getroffen cultuursector, HLN (BE)

Jozefien Van Beek, Dode konijnen, kapitalisme en feminisme, De Standaard (BE)

Bas Blaasse, In a Long Blink of an Eye, HISK-laureaten in Brussel, HART Magazine (BE)

Arnaud Idelon, Nous Dansions, YACI (International Young Art Criticism) (FR)


Curated, Calvert Journal (EN, RU)

Ivan Isaev, Overcoming Control, Obieg magazine (EN)

John C. Welchman, En Garde, From Scratch To Scratch (EN)

Sofie Crabbé, HISK Open Studios 2020, HART Magazine (BE)


Internationaal symposium als tentoonstellingsruimte voor beeldende kunst, HART magazine (NL)

Kadish Morris, The Best Shows To See During Antwerp Art Weekend, Frieze, critics guide (EN)


Aurelia Declercq, Katya Ev - Etat d'Exception, Point Contemporain (french)

Ida Simon, Do Disturb Au Palais De Tokyo – Notre Sélection Du Festival, Manifesto XXI (french)


Donna Haraway, Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Plantatiocene, Ctouloucene : creating a tribe, Moscow Art Magazine online (in Russian)



Christian Gattinoni, "Human scale and commitments in images for YIA", online magazine (in French)

Pia Capelli, "Beginning of the world", (in English)

Maria Sokolovskaïa, « Revolutionnary » performance by Ekaterina Vasilyeva », Russia Beyond Headline (in French)

Aurore Leloy, radio broadcast «Utopian Crossings » sur la radio HÔTEL PARADOXE , La Radio Libértaire (in French)

Performance "Augenmusik" in the online magazine Paris Art (in French)

Anne-Sophie Furic, "Here We Are. Group Show by the Marcel association", online magazine Manifesto XXI (in French)

Sergey Guskov, "Russian on Foot. Art of Wandering", newspaper Kommersant, Moscow (in Russian)


Pavel Borisov, «Zeitgeist» (Spirit of Time), online magazine Kunstforum (in English)

"Art and The Cold War", daily newspaper Dagbladet, Norway (in Norwegian)

"Submarines and Mermaids", art online magazine Kunstkritikk (in Norwegian)

"Cold War inside of the mountain", newspaper Klassekamp, Norway (in Norwegian)

Ilmira Bolotyan,"What has been said and what has not been said as an answer" , art online magazine AroundArt (in Russian)


Alexandra Guzeva, "Russian women carry giant tube across Moscow in revolutionary art stunt", Russia Beyond Headlines (in English)

Alexander Pevak, «Russian Artists abroad», online platform Theory and Practice (in Russian)

Sergey Guskov, «Personal Efforts. The Most Interesting Artworks of This Summer», online Art magazine (in Russian)

Julia Dudkina, "They made the world axis out of the construction tube", daily newspaper METRO, Moscow (in Russian)

Olga Kabanova, «They cross Moscow with a tube for the art sake», daily newspaper Vedomosti, Moscow (in Russian)

"Unususal performance takes place in Moscow", national radio Echo Moskvi (in Russian)

Andrey Levkin, "Moscow political actionism turns inside", online magazine Art Territory (in Russian)

Sergey Guskov, «Ekaterina Vasilyeva and Hanna Zubkova.Performance après performance», art online magazine Aroundart (in Russian)

Moscow 24 - TV broadcasting about the show "Beauty of disgraceful" (in Russian)

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