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Ivan Isaev

ICEBERG - 18010813. Blue Room.



download the pdf here

You can become a guest of the blue room, and in this case your anonymity is guaranteed. Nobody will welcome you. The door will be open, and behind it you can find a kind of a shelter. If this shelter will be an imagined one, that is the question. Maybe it will just open your eyes on certain disgraceful, but true sides of the human existence. Take off the blinders. Maybe it will be the opposite. You can open your inner vision to all fields of available information, or enclose yourself in a kind of fugitif and restful oblivion.

Take a sleeping pill and sleep or make a journey on the darknet, that’s the choice proposed to you once you enter in this isolated deaf and soothing capsule. Your time is unlimited. Recent laws that restrict web anonymizers and the access to the darknet caused a larger social debate concerning censorship, control and anonymity. In this contexte the journey Iceberg-18010813 makes you face an ethical choice between the open knowledge and a passif gaze, between informing or defending yourself  in the society of post-truth. 

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