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Iceberg - 18010813. Blue Room is a "constructed situation" (Guy Debord), in between immersive installation and theatre. The room is situated at the underground floor of an unknown lambda house. The visitor gets there alone, and no one is meeting him. At the entry he is informed that there is no video surveillance, and that he can close the door from inside. Inside the room there is a bed and a desk. On the nightstand near the bed there is a sleeping pill and a glass of water. On the desk there is a computer configured to access the dark web. 

The information about the blue room is published via an announcement on eBay (or kind of) web-site. The only way to get to the room is via the announcement (by sms). The visitor can agree on time when he wants to come, and he is given the adresse, code, and instructions how to get there. When arriving, he needs just to push the door which is already open. When leaving, he is asked to send a text. His time of staying is unlimited, and his visit stays strictly anonymous.

>> the announcement (exemple on for Moscow version)

Iceberg-18010813. Blue Room. A bed, a nightstand, a desk, a chair. An actual set-up which advantages will give you a space for political choice.

In the blue room ICEBERG-18010813, left exclusively on your own, you will be able to choose between oblivion and moral panic. The visit can be realised strictly alone. The duration of the visit is up to several hours.

Iceberg-18010813. Blue Room was first realized in Moscow in January 2018 in link to the political context: the law prohibiting web anonymizers was accepted by Russian Parlement in November 2017. The law further created a large social debate around censorship, anonymity and control. At the same time, Iceberg-18010813 might be described as a being or a "trip" experience, where one can take a choice between open data and passive vision, informing himself or "self-defence" from facts in condition of the post-truth society. Blue room worked as a metaphor of our interaction with the information, as well as a projection of one's inner state, apathy or anxiety.  As a spatio-temporal environment, the blue room creates an altered state of perception where possibilities of new mental landscapes emerge.

Iceberg-18010813. Blue Room

immersive situation, 

a room at the underground floor of the unknown house, open 24 /24

+ eBay announcement



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