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Axe de Révolution. Supermoon, 2014

video, HD, 10:00:00

ed.5 + 2AP

courtesy of the artists (Katya Ev & Hanna Zubkova)


view of the show « End of the World », Centro Pecci, Florence, Italy, Oct 2016 - March 2017 (projection)

view of the show « To Translate Is To Betray  », Galerie Jérôme Nivet-Carzon, Paris, September 2016 (plazma screen)

This video captures the 17-hour performance Axe de Révolution, 2014, during which the artists silently walked through Moscow from the very North point of it on the orbital highway to the very South point, carrying a 6 meter long 13,5 kilo heavy metal structural element of rectangular section. Rather than documenting the action, Axe de Révolution. Supermoon demonstrates the ‘intimate endeavor of inner profound revolution’, the relationship to landscape and architecture of the line shifted to the space by two bodies, tied by it and and at the same time forced to stay in distance, sharing the burden.

>> video extract on Vimeo

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