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Feuilles Mortes. Briquette 

ephemeral sculpture

fallen leaves, 183 x 70 x 113 cm


for the Moscow State Architectural and Natural Landscape Museum Kolomenskoe


Feuilles Mortes. Briquette is an ephemeral sculpture realized fspecifically or the State Architectural and Natural Museum Kolomenskoe in Moscow. It is inspired by typical soviet very poor social housing that overwhelmed Moscow since 60s  (Kroushchyovka or Krushchev slum), while its title, fallen leaves, refers to the nostalgic love poem of the french surrealist author Jacques Prévert.

The sculpture is a model of a typical Moscow Kroushchyovka reduced to a human scale: its length is 183 cm, the reference introduced by Le Corbusier for the human size. The artist takes as a material the most commun  in the autumn, element of the urban landscape, while the ephemeral character of the sculpture refers to the perility of Kroushchyovkas known for numerous problems of conservation and exploitation because of the low-cost materials. 

The sculpture was constructed in April 2014, and  disappeared by means of natural degradation in December 2014.

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