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Axe de Révolution. Contraction,


curated by Azad Asifovich


Tourist city map of Moscow with the performance track, felt pen on paper, 67 x 97 cm

Untitled (screen-shots), 2016 - series of six Google Images screen-shots, c-print on A4

Untitled (fossiles), 2016 - three fossiles found at the 84th kilometer of the Moscow orbital highway

protocol of the performance «Axe de Révolution»

protocol of the performance «Axe de Révolution»

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view of the show at the Gallery Jérôme Nivet-Carzon, Paris, November 2016

Axe de Révolution. Contraction is composed of documents, artefacts and texts called to tell the performance Axe de Révolution, realized in Moscow in August 2014. It is composed of  six elements : the protocole of the performance (on the window); the manifesto published the day before the performance printed on the a big white paper sheet;  tourist city map of Moscow with the performance track drawn on it; the framed front page of the daily newspaper «Metro» showing media-buble around the performance perceived as a protest; fossiles found in the mud of construction works at the starting point of the performance; and a series of seven semi-fictional semi-real Google Images screen-shots after seven word combinations which are the key to the performance. This set of elements create a fictional space with no direct representation of the event, no video documentaton, and sets the performance as a semantic entity by relating it to its specific context that only makes it gain its emotional intensity and meaning.

This installation at the Gallery Jérôme Nivet Carzon was accompaigned by the special event "beyond the doors" - the screening of the film Axe de Révolution (full version) at La Colonie, Paris.


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