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Gifts. Play Modules. 

300 postcards

10 x 15 cm


series of 300 postcards , 10 x 15 cm each

research of Moscow yellow-n-green urban fences

Commission - the show Beauty of Disgraceful, Belyaevo Art Center, Moscow, curated by Andrey Erofeev


«  Driven by the decision of the municipal authorities, the zabors (“fences”, in Russian) proliferate in the residential areas from Moscow. A distorted enclosure protects the grass trampled underfoot; each parcel of land is now surrounded. The making of these zabors is quite simple : it needs to weld tubes, line pipe, metal bars on the quick lane, and roughly paint them […] Nevertheless, all of this is not that rudimentary. The zabor  is indeed one of the historical foundations of the Russian urbanism. Moscow is a City-Fortress and the Kremlin wall is a “zabor” as well. 

Zabor articulates not only the necessity to appropriate, to fix and to defend the immense space of Russian territory, but also the political reality where the state controls a hierarchal space, as well as the inward-looking attitudes and the protection, often paranoid, of properties […] Katya Ev establishes and documents a whole typology of the zabors. More than 300 photographies reveal both the diversity and the absurdity of the  phenomenon in question. Afterwards she constructs mockups of Moscovite fences, play modules, for which real zabors are taken as prototypes. Once the transition from the zabor to the toy is accomplished, she reformats these initially distorted structures anticipating their future degradation. The easily handled toy deprives the fence from its repressive function. I, I play ».

text by Hannah Kreile, I, I Play, cat. Here we are. Views of artists on anthropocene, Paris, January 2016.


cat. Là où nous sommes. Regards d’artistes sur l’anthropocène, Paris, France (2016)

cat. Beauty of disgraceful, Art Center Belyaevo, Moscow (2014)

Moscow 24, "Beauty of disgraceful",  TV broadcasting (2014)


Architectures Intérieures, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture Val-de-Seine, Paris (2019)

Correspondances / Vasistas / Le regard à travers la fenêtre / Il se passe quelque chose entre nous, Galerie Mansart, Paris (2017)

Là où nous sommes. Regards d’artistes sur l’anthropocène, espace Jussieu, Paris, curated by Collectif Marcel (2016)

Beauty of disgraceful, Art Center Belyaevo, Moscow, curated by Andrey Erofeev (2014)

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