Katya Ev



ready-made, promotional sample book of Fedrigoni Arena paper collection, cut

ed. of 500

collection of artists' books by HISK artists 2020

This multiple is produced with exceptional support of Fedrigoni


The artist book  ‘Printed on Arena Fedrigoni Ivory Natural White Extra White’ was published on the occasion of the exhibition ‘In a Long Blink of the Eye’, the final exhibition of HISK 2020.


It is an ironical ‘almost-ready-made’, using a promotional sample was book which was offered to all participating artists by the sponsor of the project, paper brand Fedrigoni, to choose the paper for their artists’ books. I could not disregard that this marketing tool benefited from a significantly higher budget, obviously disproportional to that of the artist books. I asked for 500 copies of it to Fedrigoni. I had cut them copies into the required dimensions of the collection box, stamped them on the back and added a exhibition sticker with a caption to it.


Considering that the publication of this artist book accompanied my performance Visitors on an Exhibition space are suggested to do nothing’ presented at the Hisk final show, it also played with ‘doing noting’, but on a different dimension.