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Images Mathilde Geldhof/ Alex Martinelli


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Re-enactments in public space

2021  Performative Walkstreets of Aalst, Belgium and live-broadcast

2019  Augenmusik (re-enactment), streets of Ghent, Belgium


Performative Walk


streets of Aalst, Belgium and live-broadcast

commissioned by Netwerk Aalst

live-broadcast by Netwerk Aalst (excerpt)


In the present context of unprecedented restrictions of public life and repressive politics to control the current health crisis, artist Katya Ev together with Netwerk Aalst decided to organize a performative walk. Three performers will silently and separately depart from different parts of the city of Aalst holding blue flashing lights, hereby following all current regulations.

The current Covid-related measures are taken through a logic of emergency, crisis and necessity, but cause alarming situations in numerous other domains. Already for a longer time, authorities have embraced a ‘state of exception’. Conceived by the artist to not go against any applicable law, the walk makes visible to what extent the authorities themselves walk on the border of legislation. More info here

Performers: Aline Hernández, Mia Kreutz, Hadassa Ngamba


Augenmusik (re-enactment)


streets of Ghent, Belgium

commissioned by Bart de Baere and the University of Ghent

images by the artist


Performers: Moj Bahadori, Walter Van Dam, Charlotte Demarquet, yOni. Doukhan, Jethro Ferri, Audrey Fosseprez, Kiara Govaert, Jeanne Le Lièvre, Nathaniel Ortiz, Alice Roubinette, Théo Roux, Mélanie Weil.

Video documentation on the link