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Human Voice.Translations*, 2015

site-specific performance /

mise-en-scene of the play «Human Voice» by Jean Cocteau, 

Church Saint-Eustache, Paris 


courtesy of the artists

(Katya Ev & Hanna Zubkova)


ENG    //    FR


Human Voice. Translations is a site-specific performance that consists of the experimental re-staging of the «The Human Voice», the play by Jean Cocteau (1930). It is a virtual - distance technological performance in three acts spaced out during the day cycle of 24h before the eclipse and culminating at that point. It took place in Church Saint-Eustache, on March 19-20th, 2015, the day of the Total Solar Eclipse and can be restaged or reactivated.

The mise-en-scene of Jean Cocteau's play «Human Voice» takes place in a church, which is a place of connection, where the one who speaks is a medium of the voice of the Other, and where the one addresses to someone who is present and absent at the same time. Yet they interact in the Church through the physical presence of their voices via Skype. 



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