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Piece For Resistance. Other's Dialogue On Revolution, 


solo show in three acts

Gallery Elektrozavod, Moscow, Russia



with Hanna Zubkova

curated by Dima Fillipov


Act I  


The day of the opening, when the public enters the Gallery Elektrozavod, it is almost empty, except 17-hours projection of the endless walking through Moscou (film documenting the performance Axe de Revolution), a bunch of white carnations (flowers) and several quotations (De Certeau, Kandinsky, Agamben etc.) on the walls - main references for the performance. Various markers, brushes, sprays and other painting and writing tools are available in the space. In several hours the space exponentially transformed itself through the 'polyphonic dialogue'.



Act II 


Since the morning of the next day, an invitation for individual appointments in the exhibition space is launched via social media: artists propose to have a dialogue that starts by a silent and long left-hand-shaking with closed eyes and follows by free associations (artists rather facilitate the guest's speech rather than talk themselves).


The talks reveal themselves strongly conditioned by the text on the walls.  In the end of every session the guest is asked to take a brush and a pot of white paint and paint back words, phrases, signs etc. that seem to him spoken out, exhausted.


As dialogues  progress, wall inscriptions gradually disappear, until the last talk which is the one when the walls get all white again.


Act III 

The day of the closing, the walls are again white, but still transparent, the space is silent but contains the ghosts of words.

The main wall is moved on the axis 'North-South' (referring to the itinerary of the performance Axe de Revolution) and on the wall the blue neon 'Axe de Révolution' is hanged.

The huge video projection of the performance is reduced to tiny, but the sound of the Moscow streets is extremely present in the space.

In the entry: the computer with the facebook page of the event is open. On the page: facebook posts with a speculative resumé of each conversation that took place during the past 14 days.

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