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Piece For Resistance. Other's Dialogue On Revolution, 


solo show in three acts

Gallery Elektrozavod, Moscow, Russia



with Hanna Zubkova

curated by Dima Fillipov


The show Piece for Resistance. Other's Dialogue on Revolution followed the performance Axe de Révolution realised in the streets of Moscow several month earlier. In the context of the extreme tightening of the internal politics, and return of state violence, the performance attracted major attention of the mainstream media, and was perceived by many as a political protest action.

Based on the theory of the acts of speech, Piece for Resistance interrogates the political potential of language within the extremely repressed environnement. The experience of a bodily dialogue while carrying the huge metal tube was expended to the exhibition space to create a polyphonic annunciation, rather than follow the dominant visual regime of archiving the work of art.

The performance Axe de Revolution was constructed as a multi-layered semantic entity that gains its intensity through the link to a specific context, from the power relations structured by the city planning to cultural and historical references to revolution. Piece for Resistance. Other's Dialogue on Revolution - ironically, 'main dish' - opens up a continuous transformation through language and the experience of its various 'states', corporel, written and spoken.

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