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Ne rien faire contre rémunération 


performance & intervention in public space

produced with support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

exhibition Entretenir vaut mieux, New Space, Liege (Be) - duo show with Marc Buchy

curated by Dorothée Duvivier

Nothing/ Doing_Axelle Peduzy


video HD, 03:08:00 (excerpt)

image & editing: Ychai Gassenbauer

The length of the film corresponds (exactly) to the duration of the experience undertaken by Axelle (3 hours). Axelle Peduzy, the participant featured in the film, stayed on the chair three hours and 2 min and was payed €10,25 upon the rate of Belgian minimum wages. 

The film unveils a durational exploration of ‘doing nothing’, its boundaries and in-depth emotional and physical momenta triggered by the experience of creating an intentional void. 

Conceptually the film is conceived to re-activate the performativity of 'doing nothing' by a viewer: a viewer also 'does nothing' (if they would watch the film from the beginning to the end, of course).

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Ne rien faire contre rémunération

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display campaign in public space


Ne rien faire contre rémunération

streets of Liege (Be)

Art au Centre#8


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