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(Le Plus objet des objets) 

infiltrated performance


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protocol (resumé):

Museum guards are replaced by performers, much higher in number then what museums usually practice. Taking as a starting point the classical museum rules and interdictions, the performers were reinforcing them and increasing the sensation of discomfort for the spectator and the disciplinary surveillance. During the performance, the guards interacted with the public by increasing the intensity of remarks to spectators, by giving orders that could sound normal but have no real practical utility, and by expanding the physical aspect of surveillance and control. Unnecessary requests such as putting scarfs into the bag or always going clockwise when making the tour of a room, as far as excessive bag control or asking visitors to leave / move/ look at specific work etc. was redundant but arbitrary and random in order to play on the subtile edge of the common sense. 

>  video extracts: 'episodes of forbiddance'  / 'épisodes d'interdiction'  <